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The saunas is a tiny room or house, which is a place to experience dry or wet heat sessions. The sound sauna is used for metaphorically to explain an unusually hot or humid environment. The sauna is construct for insulated room or cabin which is heated to around 71 to 100 degrees celsius and 160- 212 fahrenheit means heated by preferably wood and also by electricity and gas. Saunas is used for bathing uncovered or unclothed in the hot air and relaxed wafts of steam from water terrified on the rocks which give you deep cleans the skin by opening the holes and the result is you get mental and physical relaxation and comfort.

Spa Saunas - The spas saloons offering sauna bath are flourishing across every corner of the cities nowadays. What is the truth behind them, know here. Are they really soothing to senses?
Log Saunas
Modular Saunas

Original Sauna and Traditional Home Sauna

The original sauna is completly helo's sauna called as traditional home sauna also. It is offered in the nearly all accepted sizes and with fixed layout but there is nonegotiation in build quality. Original sauna select carefully because range dried out spruce panelling with helo's exclusive softline profile is used for all surfaces, second, inconspicuously pinned to a strong and insulated border with foil vapour wall. Original sauna or traditional home sauna also included with interior furniture, including benches, heater guard, fragment free abachi wood and the standard heater has suitable built with up to 23kg for generous steam and also the door is traditional finnish timber framed with 3 glassy boards for a light fresh interior.

Sauna from Helo

Helo is the main brand of saunatec group, Finland is the world’s largest sauna and which is best steam company. Since 1949 the first electric sauna heater was built. The concept sauna has been progressively developed to build it easy to get in all markets and helo products are now exported to more than 60 countries. In Finland there was a factories of saunatec group and in the germany and the USA with annual sales exceeding 10,000 cabins and 100,000 heaters. Saunas also avalibale in one metre square with space saving door and designs to fit in the your bathroom and special windows are designs in larger models with exterior finishes which means is prefect for your space.

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