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Yoga Overview: What You Must Know About It

Yoga means “to join together” thus, practicing one joins the whole mind and body. Joining of these two body components result to a very harmonious experience, leaving a person feel better. Yoga teaches people on how to live a holistic life.

Benefits of Yoga - Yoga is nowadays very much talked about right from classrooms to board rooms. SO why wait, lets carry on with the buzz of yoga and enjoy the benefits.
Elements of Yoga Classes
Office Yoga

What people don’t know about Yoga is it’s a science that involves mental and physical exercises and is now famous all over the world. Its introduction can be dated back into the scriptures of Upanishads and Vedas that included the first yogis who were part of the religion of India.

As years go by, they desired a more direct approach to a spiritual experience, and not the symbolic traditions implemented by Vedics during that era. Thus, they developed Yoga where they used the inter-relationship of the body and mind. The first yogis developed such method and maintained a balance, combining movements with meditation and breathing methods to boost the health of both mind and body.

Yoga Courtesy of Vedic Priests

The Vedic priests were the first ones who developed these beliefs and practices. They slowly refined the principles and methods of Yoga. They developed the practice of Yoga many years ago where one of the most popular scriptures was the Bhagayad Gita, written in 500 BC. The said priest believed in sacrificing the ego by self-knowledge, wisdom and karma.

The Systematic Yoga Sutras

Patanjali's Yoga sutras are the first methodological Yoga programme that can be found. It can be dated back from the classical period and was written during the 2nd century. The said Yoga sutras illustrate the direction of Raja Yoga (also known as classical Yoga).

Patanjali is said to be the father of Yoga wherein his sutras are still believed and used in the influence and style of modern Yoga. The art of Yoga is composed of 8 limbed paths that contain the ways to enlightenment in Patanjali’s teachings.

The Transition of Tantra to Hatha Yoga

After the classical period, Yoga teachers created a method of practices created to combine life and body. They declined the methodology of ancient Yoga and designed the Tantra Yoga, together with different methods that aim to cleanse the mind and the body. These are known to be the capital practices of Yoga that led to Hatha Yoga.

And Yoga further develops…

During the 1800-1900 eras, Yoga gurus started traveling in the Western part of the world, thinking that Yoga can further influence other cultures. They didn’t fail, and Yoga started to be a common knowledge even in the west. There came more followers of Yoga, so by 1920 Hatha Yoga was developed by Shri Krishnamacharya. He traveled across India by teaching people of different Yoga poses, and opened a first Yoga school. Because of him, Yoga became even more popular and known all over the world..

Yoga Invades Hollywood

Indra Devi opened the first ever Hollywood Yoga school in the USA that made Yoga more in demand among Westerners. Many Indian teachers made Yoga even more populat and gained numerous followers. These days, there are more and more Yoga schools being established, making Yoga a way of life for people.

Try Yoga today! Enroll in the nearest Yoga school in your community, or better yet, go online to search for one. A number of benefits await you in doing Yoga.

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