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What is beauty? - a definition

Collins English Dictionary says it is "the combination of all the qualities of a person or thing that delight the senses and please the mind" - a definition that portrays beauty as an incredibly subjective quality. To a certain extent, it is. For instance, to you beauty may be large eyes, an aquiline nose and a regal bearing, while a friend might see beauty as flawless skin and a bold jaw line. Equally a colleague could insist that a smooth forehead, a rosebud mouth and impeccable taste in clothes are the pinnacle of beauty.

Beauty Tips - The home tips for all the different needs of beauty which can make you look better, slimmer and focused.
Food for the Beauty
Beauty for teens

Ask a scientist what beauty is and symmetry is the answer you will probably get. Even though there are many cultural and personal preferences - such as hairless or natural legs; blue eyes; large, pendulous breasts or high, firm breasts - the one trait appreciated in every culture is symmetry. Scientists reason that insects, animals and humans favor the regular over the irregular. This is because when something - whether it be a flower, a landscape or a face - has a recognizable pattern, it is easier to spot the out-of-place, the possible weak, the unhealthy or the dangerous. Interestingly, research has found that babies, too, prefer looking at both symmetrical patterns and symmetrical faces over asymmetrical ones.

Beauty Tips

Food for the Beauty

Beauty creams: Firming, Night, Eye, Anti wrinkle cream

Beauty for teens

Beauty Sleep

Gotu kola


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Beauty Tips
Food for the Beauty
Beauty for teens
Beauty Sleep
Gotu kola
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Night Creams
Eye Creams
Anti wrinkle cream

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