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Caloric Values of Foods and Drinks

Caloric value: Caloric value is defined as the energy value of any edible material or drink in calories per 100 grams.

It gives you an indication about how much calories you acquire by consuming 100 grams of any given stuff.

Find the caloric value for various nuts, dairy products, fruits, drinks and also non-vegeterian food per 100 grams.

We have divided the food and drinks in different related categories so as to assist you to understand the values better.

a Nuts per 100 gms Calories
  Almonds 655
  Dry Coconut 662
  Ground Nut 567
  Walnut 687
  Pistachio Nut 626
b Dairy Products per 100 gms Calories
  Milk (Buffaloes) 117
  Milk (Cows) 127
  Butter 729
  Ghee 900
c Fruits per 100 gms Calories
  Banana 116
  Cheries 64
  Dates 317
  Mangoes 74
  Melon 17
  Orange 48
  Papaya 32
  Grapes 58
  Guava 51
  Sweet Lemon 35
  Apple 19
  Apricot 53
d Non-vegetarian - 100 gms Calories
  Fish 111
  Prawn 89
  Egg 173
  Goat meat 118
e Drinks Calories
  Water 0
  Black Coffee Negligible
  Black Tea Negligible
  Jal Jeera 10
  Lemon Squash 18
  A cup of tea (without Sugar) 22
  A cup of tea (with Sugar) 78
  Tomoto Juice 25
  Orange Juice 36
  Rose Syrup 47
  Pineapple Juice 65
  Milk 1 glass 175
  Skimmed Milk 130
  Red wine 100
  Brandy (1 Peg) 75
  Whiskey (1 Peg) 88
  Bear (1 Glass) 144

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