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The importance of beauty - Why Beauty is so important to us?

Western culture seems so obsessed with beauty that a pertinent question might not be what it is, but why it is so important to us. Scientists believe that beauty serves a biological purpose - to ensure the continuation of the species by highlighting an individual's mateability. Deep in our evolutionary past, before the invention of blood tests and medical examinations, observation was the only way to determine whether a woman or man would be a capable bearer or guardian of offspring.

Women with unblemished skin, symmetrical features, glossy hair, good posture and waist-to-hip ratio of between 0.67-0.80 were seen as disease-free, strong and reproductively capable. Men with above-average height, good posture and well-developed muscles were seen as powerful, fierce and able to protect their family.

Ancient importance of Beauty

Early humans cared less about female weight than they did about a woman's waist-to-hip ratio, which many medical experts believe is a better visual indicator of health and the capability for successful child-bearing.

Today, as earth becomes more and more overpopulated, continuation of the species is no longer a concern. We have in vitro fertilization, fertility drugs and other medical ways to boost a woman's fertility and it is rare that a man must physically protect his family from menacing marauders. So why do we still hold fast to earlier physical ideals? Because that's the way we evolved, say scientists.

A stereotypical western ideal for beauty includes flawless skin, shiny, healthy hair, big eyes, even features. A full mouth and a well proportioned body shape. This ideal has remained true throughout western history.

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