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Best Night cream - Reviva night creams for Clubs

Night creams behave like day creams. Both have the function of moisturizing the skin.

However, the moisturizing cream that you use in the day should be different from the one used in the night.

The cream that you use in the night should contain additional ingredients that are usually thicker and acts more intensively than day creams.

Night creams will usually contain additional ingredients that help to prevent skin aging. Vitamins could be added to help with the skin renewal.

These are very important differences and you should get a different moisturizing cream for the night.

The day cream that you use should not be too thick as you would be applying make-up over it.

How to apply night creams?

Applying your night moisturizer to slightly damp skin will really boost its performance. This helps to seal in the extra moisture. The skin will feel softer and smoother the next morning.

Moisturizing creams that are designed for night use heals and repairs the skin while you sleep. At night, your skin's cell renewal process is much more active than in the day. The added ingredients in these creams are absorbed into the skin and gives the cell renewals process an added boost.

Some night creams contain retinols which is a derivative of vitamin A. Creams with this added ingredient can help with wrinkles and pigmentation spots.

The skin is subjected to all kinds of wear & tear during the day. This could be caused by make-up, pollution and ultraviolet light. Using creams for the night give your skin a chance to repair and renew itself.

Everyone will benefit from the night moisturizers. The extra nourishing ingredients help to repair the skin while you sleep.

Recipe for homemade night cream

In a glass bowl place a pan of boiling water, melt and smooth the almond oil (3 tbsp.), lanolin (2 tbsp.) and cocoa butter (2 tbsp.). Remove from heat and add the rose water (2 tsp) and honey oil (1/2 tsp). Then beat until blended.

Dry and extra dry skins respond very well to moisturizing cream meant for the night.

Even if you have oily skin, you will benefit from the use of a good cream that is designed for night use. Choose those formulations which are less rich. There are lighter formulations that contain the same nourishing ingredients.

Know your skin type and choose the best formulation depending on how dry or oily is your skin. Your skin should not feel overloaded after applying the cream.

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