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Best Eye Creams - anti wrinkle eye cream and under eye cream for anti-aging

The skin around the eye is thinner and more sensitive than that on the face and needs richer, less irritating creams

Why use eye creams?

If you want your eyes to be attractive, keep yourself healthy. When you have good health, the eyes will have natural shine and there will be glow in them. Apart from diet and exercise, you should apply eye creams regularly.

No where does tiredness show more than in the eyes. Completing this carefully developed set of massages with eye creams can help stimulate circulating and ensure good flow rejuvenating oxygen and nutrients to the eyes, restoring the sparkle while also helping to comfort and soothe.

The eye creams you choose should have vitamin A or almond oils in them which are beneficial for your eyes.

How to apply Anti-wrinkle eye creams

  • Using the tips of your fingers, tap extremely lightly all the way around the eyes, then over the closed eye lids. The action should be like a butterfly gently flapping its wings. Do this for approximately 30 seconds. (This will help restore sparkle to the eyes.)
  • Use your ring finger, which have the lightest touch to circle your eyes. Start firmly at the center of the eyebrows and stroke along the eyebrows, gliding gently back under the eyes. (This will help stimulate circulation around the eyes.)
  • Keep the pressure extremely light below the eyes and be careful not to stretch the skin. Repeat the movement 5 times.
  • Using your fingers, make figure of 8 movements from the outer edge of the eyes towards the temples. Keep the section as light as possible. It will deeply relax you and soothe tired eyes. Repeat 5 times. (This will help rejuvenate and soothe tired eyes.)

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