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Oval face shape hairstyles: flaunt any hairstyle!


People with Oval face can sport and flaunt any kind of hairstyle. Long hair or short hair, almost all the hairstyles suit them. Being a balanced face shape, haircuts look great on Oval faces. A range of Oval Face shape hairstyles are extant for the oval shaped people to choose from. Many choices for oval face shape hairstyles are available at the salon and through many websites that provide information on haircuts and hairstyling.

Oval shaped people have proportionate chin and forehead. Oval face shape hairstyles should be devoid of heavy bangs, since they hide the beauty of an oval shaped face. Hairstyles, in which a portion of the hair falls on the face, must be avoided while selecting hairstyle for Oval shaped face. Heavy fringes highlight eyes and hide the outlines of an oval shaped face, which mars the beauty of the face.

Since, Oval face shaped hairstyles can be done on short, medium as well as long hair, a person with this face shape can try on an innumerable number of hairstyles. Bob hairstyles, layered hairdos, updos, et al suit an oval face, perfectly. An ordinary ponytail can look great with an oval shaped face. Layered cuts can accentuate the exquisite angles of the face.

This ideal face shape offers scope for a lot of experimentation with hairstyles. Oval face shape hairstyles that accentuate the shape of the face, is best suited for oval faces. Hairstyles with hair pulled away from the face and even hairstyles, in which the hair is completely pulled back, is appropriate for an oval face. Ponytails that are pulled back are appropriate hairstyles that can be donned with ease for an oval face.

Curly hair, wavy hair, messy hair, bob cuts without heavy bangs, etc will complement an oval shaped face. Updos look great on oval shaped faces. Be it short crop, long hair, French twists, everything looks gorgeous on an oval face. Oval face shape hairstyles are meant to accentuate the beautiful angles of the oval faces! Lucky are those with this face shape, since they can become fashion ‘icons’ with the array of choices in haircuts that they can experiment with!


Fitness Tip

Drink plenty of fluid water contains no calories and will make your stomach feel full, as well as improving the appearance of your skin and increasing your vitality so that you have more energy.

Beauty Tip

Make sure your lips have been moisturised, and foundation/powder applied. Outline your shape with a lip pencil in natural or a toning shade to the chosen lipcolour. Apply lipstick with a lipbrush. Then blot by kissing a tissue held between the lips, then reapply more colour. Choose colour tones in either warm or cool tones to suit your complexion.


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