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Best Proactive Face cleansers - Natural Facial cleansers

Cleansing is the cornerstone of an effective skin care regimen. It is important for the long-term health of your skin - reducing bacteria, keeping pore ducts open and exfoliating surface skin cells. If waste is allowed to accumulate, it can block the pores thus blocking the secretion of the glands from coming to the top of the skin. These secretions provide the skin with the weapons it needs to fight against infections, toxic agents, etc.

In addition, cleansing stimulates the circulation, which improves the blood supply to your skin and nourishes it. Cleansing also gives a healthy glow to the surface of your skin.

The first thing you want to do is remove all the bacteria, oil, and dirt from your face, or remove your makeup if you have any on and are going to sleep. No matter what your skin type, you probably want to use cleanser daily. However, don't just get any cleanser. Oil-free for oily skin, mild for normal, and moisturizing for dry. If you have combination skin, you probably want to get mild too.

Natural Homemade Facial cleansers recipe

The best way to cleanse your face is the gentlest way; use a rinse-off Cleanser and forget about soap - its pH is too high. A high pH (alkaline) soap will dry the skin and diminish its life expectancy. The skin's surface is mildly acidic, having a pH of around 5. Most soaps are well over 7, and some as high as 10. Soaps with a high pH will not only dry the skin but also eliminate its acid mantle (coating on the surface).

Unlike soaps, Cleansers remove makeup and dirt, but leave the skin feeling silky and supple. Cleansers basically consist of oil, water and surfactants. The oil dissolves the oil on the face; the surfactants dissolve everything else; water washes it all away. The best Cleansers also contain natural botanical extracts to soothe, protect, nourish and moisturize the skin. Be sure to choose a Cleanser that is appropriate for your Skin Types.

Begin by washing your hands first, otherwise you will merely be working additional dirt into the skin. Then, splash your face generously with tepid to slightly warm water. Spread a nickel-sized dollop of Cleanser into your palm or onto a soft cotton washcloth. Using fingertips or washcloth, gently wash face using circular and upward motions. Wash for approximately 30 seconds for Dry skin, 60 seconds for Normal or Combination skin and 90 seconds for Oily skin.

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