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Lower Back Pain - Causes, Exercise, Relief, Symptoms and Treatment for Lower Back Pain

Home remedies for Lower Back Pain.

Lemon: Mix a tsp. each of lemon and garlic juice and 2 tsp. of water and drink it. Take it twice, daily in the morning and evening. It will provide relief from backache.

Fenugreek: Taken as a vegetable is beneficial in backache.

Sahjan : Eaten as a vegetable, flowers or pods of sahjan is beneficial in backache.

Dried dates: It is beneficial in backache.

Potato: Prepare a poultice from raw potatoes and apply it on the back to get relief from pain.

Wheat: Licking 12 gms. of the ash of burnt wheat and an equal quantity of honey provides relief from backache and pain in the joints. Bake a chapattis of wheat flour on one side. On the other side apply sesame oil and tie the chapattis on the painful part. It will provide relief from pain.

Castor oil: Grind 5 kernels of the seeds of castor plant in milk and drink it. It is beneficial in backache.

Nutmeg: Grind nutmeg in water and heat it well in sesame oil. Let it cool down for sometime. Massage the back with it. It is beneficial and relieves pain.

Ginger: Take ginger juice mixed with clarified butter. It will provide relief from backache.

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