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Abortifacient - Information on Abortifacient Herbs

Abortifacient, an agent that leads to the termination of a pregnancy by causing a foetus to be expelled from the womb. The seaweed Laminaria is very effective in opening and stretching the cervical canal but does not cause uterine contractions. Several herbs if eaten, cause contraction of the uterus and abdominal pain leading to abortion. These include blue cohosh, tansy, common rue and black cohosh, some of which are toxic in large doses.

Medical abortions are carried out using natural compounds such as prostaglandins. They can be administrated as a vaginal suppository and trigger uterine contractions. High doses are generally required, and they can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and severe abdominal cramps. These chemicals are effective only in pregnancies of 4-8 weeks and when used later may result in incomplete abortion with surgical procedures necessary to remove any material still in the uterus.

The recently developed abortion pill is an abortifacient. RU-486 was developed in France and works by blocking progesterone, which is needed to maintain a pregnancy. For best results it is combined with prostaglandins, so a lower dose of RU-486 can be used. A pill of RU-486 is taken, and two days later prostaglandin is administered either as a suppository or an injection. The resulting abortion is similar to a heavy menstrual period. The drug is 95 per cent effective in inducing abortion in the first three months of pregnancy.



Fitness Tip

Osteopathy uses massage and stretching techniques to reduce muscle tension and improve blood supply to the tissues to restore the full range of movement to the joint. Neck pain and whiplash injuries can be treated by having the neck vertebrae realigned.

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In cosmetic-speak setting refers to fixing something in place so that it will last longer. Powder sets foundation by absorbing excess oil and moisture of the skin, both of which could cause foundation to melt.


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