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Breast Enlargement and Enhancement using Plastic Surgery - Picture and Implant for Breast Plastic Surgery

Breast Plastic Surgery is the plastic surgery carried out to increase or reduce breast size or to restore breast form after a mestectomy. All forms of breast cosmetic surgery are called mammoplasty. Breast reduction may be cosmetic but is more commonly carried out for medical reasons. Large breast can cause pain in back or shoulders and be a source of embarrassment. Breast feeding may not be possible and the weight can cause problems with breathing and posture. The surgical procedure is complicated and the aim is to produce smaller breasts with a similar shape. Many surgeons prefer not to operate untill after a women has completed her family and finished breast feeding.

The operation takes around 3 hours, with excess fat and breast tissue removed and the areola and nipple repositioned. Scars are unavoidable but differ in appearance from one woman to another. There is pain and swelling for up to 6 weeks, and lifting, stretching and sport must be avoided. However, there are fewer complications with breast reduction than with breast enlargement. There may be loss of sensation in the nipples or fat deposits and formation of an ulcer at the site of the scar. Most of these problems resolve with time or treatment.

Breast enlargement is the most common cosmetic breast operation. It is not performed on teenage girls whose breasts are still developing. It is commonly carried out after childbirth once the breasts have shrunk in size. The basic procedure is to place a pouch filled with silicone gel or sterile saline either between the breast and the pectoral muscles or under the pectoral muscles. The operation is usually done under a general anesthetic and takes about an hour. The scars usually fade, but there may be bruising and soreness around the nipples.

The patient needs to stay in hospital for a day, have bandages around the breasts for 5 days and wear a good supporting bra day and night for at least 3 weeks. Swelling may be present for up to 6 weeks, and exercise and stretching should be avoided for a month.

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