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What Hair Conditioning can do and how to use Hair Conditioning?

Conditioners and balsams are not as intensive as a hair treatment. Their task is, after washing, to straighten the lightly roughened, scaly outer layer of the hair so that it is easier to comb. As a more even surface reflects the light more strongly than a rough one, the hair has  a deeper shine after using a conditioner.

Conditioners are used after washing. They are best applied to hair dried with a hand towel. Apply the preparation sparingly and evenly, and wash it out after one or two minutes. It is not necessary to leave it on for any longer.

Is it necessary to use a hair conditioning treatment after every wash?

This all depends on the hair and the product. In the case of normal conditioners, the hair-smoothing effects will be retained until the next wash. However, there are products containing strong glueing substance, such as silicone and polymers. They are largely contained in conditioners for badly damaged and porous hair, and can last for several washes.

When using these, however, you must take care to find out how much is good for the hair. If, after a time, it becomes heavy and lifeless, it is best to wash the hair without using a conditioner for a few times.


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Fitness Tip

The loudness of the sounds we hear depends upon the power of the sound waves, which is measured in decibels (dB). Even brief exposure to noises over 120 dB can damage hearing.

Beauty Tip

The 100-strokes rule of hair brushing has its roots in necessity. Before hair conditioners were invented, women relied on hair�s sebum to moisturize strands � getting the sebum from hair�s root to hair�s tips required vigorous brushing.

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