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Ponytail holders, hairslides, combs, clips – most of us have been using these and other hairdo helpers since childhood. This is fine, as long as you don’t use them more than one to three times a week. Wearing your hair day after day in the same style can wear away the hair’s cuticle layer and cause breakage in those locks that are contained by the accessory. For instance, the hair directly under a hairslide can be roughed up by the friction created between the hair and the ornament’s metal clasp.

Similarly, if you are not gentle when removing them, hair, accessories can damage locks in another way. Try not to yank free any tresses that become stuck in the hinge of a clip or a hairslide or wound around a ponytail holder. Unfortunately, ripping strands out of a hair ornaments grasp can strip away a long swath of the cuticle layer.

Choose hair clips with easy to remove clasp and try to limit your use of hair accessories to social occasions or for keeping it out of your face when you are playing sports.


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Fitness Tip

Try to get your spouse and your kids to work out with you. Play catch or frisbee with your kids, make fake microphones and dance to some music, or even run alongside your children as they learn to ride a bike. In fact, a recent study in Canada suggests that if you are active, your children are 6-times more likely to be active too.

Beauty Tip

Washing the skin twice daily with warm water and a mild cleanser may help clear up acne and prevent further outbreaks.

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