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Hair Type Test

For finding out the type of hair with the help of tissue paper test you can follow the under mentioned steps:

  • Wash the hair with a shampoo a day before.
  • Take a tissue paper and press it on the centre of the head and behind the ears. If you find oil on the tissue paper it means you have oily hair otherwise your hair is dry. Remember, here again you do not rub the tissue paper on the head but you just press it on the head.

A tissue paper test combined with a careful look at the hair can tell thetype of hair you possess. Experts believe that:

  • Usually a normal skinned person possesses normal hair.
  • Likewise a dry skinned person possesses dry hair.
  • People having oily skin tend to have oily hair too.
  • If you have oily head and dry ends then you have combination hair.
Having been armed with the knowledge of particular hair type you may possess, treat your hair accordingly.

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