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Tips on Applying Liquid and White Eyeliner - How to apply eyeliner using eyeliner pencil?

1. Using an eyeliner pencil, run the pencil above the upper eyelid lashes right close to the lash line. At first it is best to only line directly above where the lashes are growing, do not extend your line too close to the inner corner of the eye, it might not look right.
You can play with extending the liner line later when you feel a little more comfortable with eye makeup.

2. When you have finished lining, lightly smudge the line you just drew. The Mabelline pencil(and others) have a foam rubber smudger on one end.
Smudging softens some of the harshness the line may have, in other words, blend the line in a little so it dosen't look like a distinct line. A Q-tip works just as well.

3. After I line and smudge, I usually use a small pointy brush and run a coat of the dark eyeshadow over the eyeliner. I do this if the line looks like it stands out too much, it softens it and is a "must do" step for liquid liner.

Eyeliner Application Tips

  • When using an eye pencil, open your mouth slightly to relax the eye muscles. It will make lining a lot easier without having to pull or tug at your lid.

  • Apply eyeliner as close as possible and even into the lashes to avoid the white line you sometimes get when liner and lashes don't connect.

  • DO NOT put on mounds of eyeliner because you will look like a raccoon about three hours later.

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