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Blush Tips - How to use a Blusher for that Beautyful Glow

Use a beauty care product like a blusher on your face for an instant glow. However, blushing the wrong way may not give you favorable results. It is best to apply blushers after you've moisturized your face but before you put on the foundation. In that manner, you will get a more natural and subtle texture.

Not all skin types do well with just one kind of blush. For mature women with dryer skin, cream blush will give better results. Teenagers will enjoy hints of colors with a gel blush.

Tap off excess blush from your brush before applying to the face. Do not blow on the bristles or you will put bacteria from your mouth on the brush.

How to use a Blusher ?

Blush is more commonly overapplied than any other cosmetic. Invest in a good brush for applying blush. When you can see the color on your cheeks - STOP! Blend well with sponge.

To apply cream blush....lightly touch your pointer and index fingers into the blush and take only a tiny amount onto your fingers. Place dots of color onto your apple working area, now pat and blend, pat and blend working out to the perimeter of the apple. Lots and lots of blend - blend - blend!

To help lock foundation in place during hot weather, use a big fluffy brush to apply a light dusting of loose, oil-free powder. Do not press powder into skin or it will cake from perspiration.

Your skin tone and hair color is the determining factor in your choice of blush shade and more info on choosing blush color is available in the books through the link above. But, a peachy shade is considered the universal shade. So if you are not sure about which blush color to choose, start with a peach.

For powder blush you will need a big fluffy brush, a long handled one is best, gives better control.

Women of color look best in deep blush colors and should avoid pastels.

If you are using powdered blush make sure that you tap off the excess before you apply or you will end up with a burst of color that you may not want. Apply blush in layers until you get the strength of color that suits you.

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