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Eye Make-up Tips - Best Tips to make your eyes look better and the best

Eyes makeup tips and tricks-- 13 ways to dramatize & glamorize!!

  1. Get a softer pencil line by rolling the point of your eye pencil between your fingers.Your body heat will soften the pigments, giving you a smoky, smudged line.
  2. Get a more precise line by refrigerating the eye pencil for about 30 minutes before using it. It hardens the pigments far a sharper line.
  3. Add drama to nearly naked makeup by smudging clear lip gloss onto your brow bone.It openes up your eyes without adding any color.
  4. Draw a line that won't budge: Line eyes with liquid liner, then set it by tracing over it with layer of powder shadow in the same color. For the same longevity in a softer look, line eyes in a pencil before setting with powder shadow.
  5. Curl your lashes so they stay curled: warm an eyelash curler under your blow-dryer for two or three seconds before using it on lashes (test it on your hand first to be sure it's not hot!!).Your lashes will curl like crazy- and if you add a coat of mascara, they'll stay that way all night.
  6. Wake up sleepy eyes: Liven your look by applying navy mascara over your regular mascara- just to the tips of the lashes at the outers corners.
  7. Keep mascara from flaking by dusting ona loose powder between coats. The powder helps the mascara adhere to lashes; it also adds volume, giving you a lasher look!
  8. Clump-proof your mascara:Wipe the mascara wand with tissue to remove excess. Apply mascara,let lashes dry, then brush through with a lash comb or spiral lash brush to separate and prevent flacking later.Wipe off any flackes with a powder brush.
  9. Get lush lashes without mascara:Rub a little petroleum jelly onto lashes to darken and define them.This works best on lashes that have a natural curl.
  10. Pump up sparse lashes by dotting eyeliner pencil between them; use a shade that matches your lashes.( If you wear mascara, use a dark brown pencil ).
  11. Ease mascara onto lashes of sensitive eyes by applying it to the tips of lashes only.Before the mascara dries, comb lashes with a clean lash brush to remove excess mascara, which could flake and irritate.
  12. Brighten your eyes:Use a white eyeliner pencil to brighten and open your eyes by drawing light to them. Draw a thick line along your upper lashes and blend with your finger.
  13. Boost your eyeshadow: Moisten the sponge applicator before applying powder shadow.The moisture makes the color go on darker for a bolder look.

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amazing tips! Thanks! They really help! --Aisha Bagel

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