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The greatest reward of a good skin care regime is the freedom that results from achieving a clear, smooth canvas for the perfect makeup application. The right color makeup, properly applied, should never look like a cover up or a mask.

Today's foundations are easier to apply, look more natural and are better for your skin than makeup of years past. learning a few simple application techniques and confidently selecting the right colors and products will help you accent your best features and enhances your unique appearance.

Makeup Application Tips and Tricks

  1. The sheerest lip stain: Apply a clear lip balm.Then, with lips together, twirl a spot of dark, creamy-textured lipstick in the center of each lip (using a lip brush or the lip color itself ) until you have a dark stain. Blot lips together so the color blends into the lip balm.
  2. Soft finish for a penciled mouth: After lining lips and filling in with pencil, run a dry lip brush around the edge to soften the line. You'll be still have definition, but it will be less sharp, more natural looking.
  3. Moisturizing first during your makeup routine will help any foundation and/or concealer blend easier.
  4. Apply moisturizer downwards--this is the direction the tiny hairs on your face are facing, so this gives a more smooth look.
  5. Mixing foundation and moisturizer can make a good tinted moisturizer.
  6. If you're wearing foundation and/or concealer, make sure to cover it with powder, or all your makeup will soon disappear.
  7. Try to wear as little makeup as possible while exercising, because the sweat can get trapped in your pores, leading to breakouts.
  8. Apply blush upwards and outwards on the apples of your cheeks, towards the hairline.
  9. Bleed-proof lip gloss: For a cheer shiny look that's less likely to bleed, dot concealer around your mouth (at the outer border of the lip line) and blend with a fingertip. Then apply your gloss; the concealer will act as a barrier, that keeps color from migrating.
  10. The perfect pale mouth: Line lips with a pale-blue eyeliner pencil; blend color inward with a fingertip. Then brush a shimmery pink lipstick over your entire mouth. The blue edges soften the color, creating a striking, ice-kissed look.

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Fitness Tip

Tennis elbow is where the tendon attached to the bone on the outer side of the elbow is injured; golfer´┐Żs elbow is where the tendon on the inner side is affected.

Beauty Tip

Over washing is when you wash your hair more regularly than necessary. This varies for different individuals. For some people, shampooing hair everyday is over washing, for other people shampooing twice a day, or even every other day, can have the same effect.

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