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From the moment we are born we start to age. No one Really knows why we have to age but there are two popular theories. One of these theories focuses on our bodies' decreasing ability to stop dangerous free radicals from destroying our cells. (Free radicals are toxic molecules formed from things such as air pollution, smoking, and exposure to sun.) Instead of our cells dying from outside forces such as free radicals, another theory hypothesizes an internal cause. The protective tips of our genetic-rich chromosomes, called telomeres, progressively shorten each time a cell divides. When telomeres become too short, the chromosomes cannot work properly and the cells eventually die. Because our cells, the very life form of our bodies, are finite, so are our bodies.

Effects of Aging

No matter what the cause, the ravages of aging are seen on our faces and bodies. After several decades of life, our skin becomes thinner and less resilient. Gravity also takes its toll and what was firm skin starts to sag. Even our mouths are less firm, and the comers of our mouths turn downward. Crossing lines on our faces, also known as sleep lines, hatch and cross each other. These lines seem to be more noticeable on men's foreheads and women's cheeks. Years of smiling and frowning carve their own lines into our skin.

And years of sun exposure accumulate and contribute to the most visible effects of facial aging, a process dermatologists refer to as "photoaging." Photo aging make sour wrinkles deeper, our skin rough and leathery, and our coloring brown and blotchy. Photo aging adds tiny, fine blood vessels to our skin and contributes to possible precancerous and cancerous growths. Sun-damaged, or photoaged, skin is what we use to gauge how old someone is.

Experts on Aging

Dermatologists and facial plastic surgeons help make your bee look younger by hiding all of these features of aging. Think about it: a baby's bee is soft and smooth and the cheek, jaw, chin, forehead, and nose all blend together into one. The eyes and mouth are most prominent. Not surprisingly, glamorous models also have prominent eyes and lips, and the rest of their bees harmoniously supports these features. Dermatologists and facial plastic surgeons can help you look more youthful by smoothing, filling in, relaxing, or tightening up your skin-all of which work to restore a more harmonious, blended appearance.


Fitness Tip

A neck collar supports and protects vertebrae displaced by whiplash (caused by sudden extreme bending of the spine) but should only be used if pain is severe because the aim of treatment is to keep the neck moving.

Beauty Tip

Rub a rind of lemon over your face, this will lessen grease and whiten your complexion.


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