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The desirability of facial hair depends upon one's age, gender, and culture. A young man with a baby face often feels that a beard will help him look older. By contrast, a more mature man with a receding chin or hair line may feel that a beard will help him look younger. In men, beard growth occurs most rapidly around age thirty. As they age, some women grow facial hair on their chin, upper lip, or in the sideburn area.

Male receding hairlines and female facial hair can be caused by the same process. Both men and women have dihydrotestosterone, a form of the male hormone testosterone, in their blood. If this hormone level is increased the hair follicles will be affected and facial hair in women and baldness in men will result. The increase in hormone levels is usually not even measurable on a blood test. What is puzzling is that this increase in dihydrotestosterone causes hair follicles in one location, the scalp, to fall out, and in another, the beard area and upper lip, to grow.

Methods to remove unwanted facial hair include shaving, waxing, electrolysis, and lasers. Shaving is an easy, quick, and painless way to remove unwanted facial hair; however, the fast regrowth of hair requires the procedure to be repeated frequently.

Women usually have both hot and cold waxing done in a salon or spa. Waxing is especially popular for chin, eyebrow, and side burn areas, and for upper lip hair removal. Waxing can be painful and carries a risk of burning the skin, sometimes so severe that treatment by a dermatologist is needed.

However, a wax buffered by soothing agents is now available in some salons for those who have sensitive skin. Another small risk is follicle infection. Hairs removed by waxing do grow back, but much more slowly than shaved hair.

Electrolysis is a procedure that usually results in permanent hair removal. Electrolysis is painful and time consuming: the electrologist uses a magnifying glass to detect each individual hair before eradicating it. Often, only twenty five to seventy-five hairs can be treated in one visit, so multiple visits are necessary to complete hair removal in just one area. However, if a person has only a few upper lip, chin, or sideburn hairs to remove, electrolysis represents an attractive choice.

Lasers are much less painful than all of the above procedures and significantly faster. They work by targeting the pigment cells that are located on each hair beneath the skin, and often it takes only a few treatments to remove the unwanted hair permanently. The success of lasers to permanently remove excessive hair is comparable to that of electrolysis, but in the future lasers will probably be more effective.


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