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Endoscopic brow lift - Best Home Tips for Eyebrow Lift

If you feel your face is always looking angry or worried, you may want to consider having a plastic surgeon perform a brow lift. Sagging eyebrows are the result of genetics and the environment. With time, the effects of gravity, and sun damage, the muscles and skin in your forehead that support the eyebrows lose their elasticity. In rare cases, the eyebrows can even droop down near the eyelids and impair your vision. Brow lifts are also performed to tighten and lift wrinkled, sagging foreheads.

Brow lifts are surgical procedures that may involve the removal of excess skin and muscle tissues. Alternatively, brow lifts can be performed via tiny incisions made in the scalp area above the forehead (without removing the skin) to tighten only the muscle tissue directly below the hairline. In this sense, brow lifts differ from lasers that promote skin regeneration, but cannot remove excess skin.

Different incisions are made for a brow lift. For example, an incision directly above the eyebrow is often best for men who may have hair loss. An incision in this location hides the scar in the natural creases of the forehead just above the eyebrow. However, forehead wrinkles cannot be smoothed by an incision directly above the eyebrows. If you already have natural creases on your forehead, an incision made right in one of these creases effectively hides the scar. In women, incisions are often made in the hair, not only to lift up the eyebrows, but also to smooth out and tighten the forehead skin. Your hair then hides whatever scar may be left from the procedure. Consult a plastic surgeon for the procedure that is appropriate for you.

Brow lift surgery is done with intravenous sedation or general anesthesia and the procedure usually takes less than three hours. After a brow lift, some pain, swelling, and bruising may be expected for a week or two. Temporary numbness and hair loss may also occur in the area of the incision. In order to minimize side effects, you should follow your surgeon's instructions.

A new high-tech approach to the brow lift called the endoscopic brow lift uses long, ultra thin telescopes. During an endoscopic brow lift, the facial plastic surgeon makes a tiny incision at the hair line, places the endoscope underneath the skin and muscle of the forehead, and works down to the area of the eyebrows. Once there, most doctors use special instruments to elevate the muscles above the eyebrow and stitch them in place. The effect is a higher eyebrow, made with one tiny, hidden incision. Forehead wrinkles can also he lifted with this endoscopic procedure.

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