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Sagging Facial Skin - Treatment of Sagging Skin on neck after weigh loss

Why skin seem to loosen and sag with age?

First, the older we become, the more time for the force of gravity to work. Gravity works much like a small dead weight.

Muscle tone diminishes over time, as our previously firm face sand bodies will sagas the flesh hangs from the muscle. Sun exposure adds to the problem, making the skin looser and more wrinkled. Years of cumulative sun exposure carves a leathered, but loosened, look on our faces.

This phenomenon is quantified by the decreased amount of collagen in sun-damaged skin. Luckily, there are many procedures today that can help us defy Father Time.

Face-lifts can pull the face tighter; eyebrow lifts can help sagging foreheads and eyebrows; and liposuction can help tighten up our abdomens and other sagging, fatty areas of the body.

Collagen and other synthetic materials like Gore- Tex can be injected or implanted into sagging cheeks to firm them up. Thus, sagging skin can be surgically tightened and removed, or filled up, to look more youthful.

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