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Red Spots on Body, Face, Eyes and Skin - Treatment and Cure for Red Spots

A common complaint among people visiting their dermatologists is the desire to "get the red out" of their skin. Small red bumps and dots, also known as cherry angiomas, often develop on our skin as we age. Small, red threadlike blood vessels called telengectasias [tell-ang-jec-taze-yas] can also develop on the face, neck, and chest over time, especially if we have had a fair amount of sun exposure.

Factors unrelated to aging or sun exposure, such as pregnancy and hormones, seem to contribute to the production of cherry angiomas. They can be removed with an electric needle called a cautery, or lasered off with the pulse dye laser. Sometimes when they are large, a dermatologist will choose to remove them with a scalpel and then stitch the skin. Telengectasias on the face, chest, and neck can also be removed with the electric cautery needle or pulse dye laser.

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