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Waxing - Eyebrow, body, Facial, Chest, Legs and Hand Waxing

What is Waxing?

Waxing is a procedure usually done in a salon or spa for the temporary removal of excessive hair. Waxing is especially popular for hair removal on the chin, eyebrow, and groin. When the wax is removed from the skin, the hair underneath the wax is pulled out.

Hot waxes are generally made of melted beeswax, whereas cold waxes come in a tube. Sometimes a cloth is placed over the Wax so that removing the wax is easier. Some salons use a warm (neither hot nor cold) wax which contains soothing agents for people who have sensitive skin.

Waxing can be painful, and there maybe a risk of a burn, sometimes so severe a visit to the dermatologist is required. Another slight risk is the infection of the hair follicles from which hairs have been removed.

Hairs removed by the waxing process do grow back, but at a much slower rate than that of shaved hair. Waxing is usually not recommended for users of Renova or Retin-A.


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Both muscle size and strength can be significantly increased by carrying out regular exercise that involves pushing against resistance or lifting weights.

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Cleopatra�s famous milk baths were an effective way to harness the benefits of lactic acid. This alphahydroxy acid works on skin�s topmost layers to exfoliate and brighten the skin

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