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Tips to Alleviate Eczema Suffering

Eczema sufferers all over the world are increasing in number due to triggers found at home or other places. Some of them are allergic to certain types of food which also trigger their condition while others are allergic to wool clothing and chemical detergents. On the other hand, there are also sufferers that acquire the disorder from their parents especially in the case of infant eczema.

However, there is no known cure for the disorder, only tips to alleviate eczema suffering. There are some adjustments you can do to reduce it symptoms on you.

Eliminate dust mites

Dust allergens trigger eczema but you can manage them by cleaning your home more often. It has been shown from recent studies that the dust particles from the air can infiltrate your skin which eventually leads to dermatitis. This is especially evident if you have sensitive skin. You have to keep your home’s cleanliness, but remember not to remove the dust through dusting since the allergens will just be driven away into the air; instead use a vacuum cleaner.

Buy a humidifier

During the cold winter months, your skin is more prone to dryness which results to eczema itching and flaking. In this case, it is important that you keep the air moist through a humidifier. Buy a humidifier that will avoid dryness in the air. In addition, you also have to wear cotton clothes and not woolen or synthetic ones.

Put on Gloves

If you are allergic to detergents, then wear gloves while washing clothes or dishes. Avoid detergents with harsh ingredients as well.

Avoid Perfumes

In addition, you also have to avoid spraying on perfume which contains harmful chemicals that may cause your irritation.

Switch to natural products

Since harsh chemicals trigger the disease, switch to natural products that alleviate the symptoms of the disorder. Avoid products with chemical ingredients as they may only worsen your skin condition.


Use lemon to clean the bath tub and basin because it is a natural cleanser that helps you clean and disinfect your home without the irritation on your skin.

White vinegar

One of the tips to alleviate eczema suffering is through using white vinegar. This is the best type of vinegar without the smell which is suitable for your home use. It is a great cleanser for windows and tiles while at the same time eco-friendly.


Drink at least 8 glasses of water to keep your skin hydrated. This will help you in alleviating the effects of this skin disorder because skin dryness is not helpful for you. Drinking plenty of water helps your skin keep its moisture content.

These are tips to alleviate eczema suffering. You can actually avoid the symptoms of this skin disorder if you are going to prevent the triggers that cause your allergic reaction. Since eczema id a condition that keeps on coming back when triggered, you can totally eliminate your allergens in your life in order to be eczema-free.

Living a life without eczema is a pleasant way to spend your time with your family, co-workers, schoolmates, or friends. Avoid triggers and keep your home clean and free from allergens in the air. Follow above tips to alleviate eczema suffering, and have a more peaceful life without the itch!

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