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Overview: Seborrheic Dermatitis

Seborrheic dermatitis is another type of eczema wherein you feel a flaky and cry scalp and can be treated with an over-the-counter dandruff shampoo. If you think that you are continuing to feel its symptoms, I suggest you read this article and we will discuss how to treat it.

Seborrheic dermatitis can become a chronic problem that makes people susceptible to episodes of flaky skin. Why are some prone to this condition which is also called dandruff (adults) and cradle cap (young children)

What are Seborrheic dermatitis root causes?

You are more likely to suffer from the illness if one of your family members is suffering from it. On the hand, the condition may worsen if you have a dark complexion, a lot of stress, and fatigue. In addition, you may also worsen your case if you overuse alcohol-based lotions.

Moreover, there are also weather conditions such as humid and hot weather or dry and cold air. These weather patterns are more likely to cause or trigger your Seborrheic dermatitis. These are some of the factors that cause this disease to a person.

Is there a treatment for Seborrheic dermatitis?

Yes. There are methods to treat this problem on Seborrheic dermatitis, and they are common. No matter what the roots of it, there are cures available to treat the condition near the ears or on the scalp. Some people develop it at their eyebrows. If you have flaky skin on these regions of your skin, you may use one of the over-the-counter dandruff shampoos.

Find any of these ingredients in the label of your shampoo: ketoconazole, coal tar, resorcin, selenium sulfide, salicylic acid or zinc pyrithione.

What am I to do if Seborrheic dermatitis treatment don’t work?

If you have tried to use this shampoo but you haven’t get over your oily or flaky Seborrheic dermatitis, then you may go to your doctor for a consultation. He can provide you with a prescription shampoo with a stronger solution and are specially designed for your treatment. But, you can use over-the-counter dandruff shampoo as first treatment.

Use the prescription shampoo regularly

Shampoo your condition with a prescribed shampoo daily because not washing your skin condition regularly may worsen your case.

Massage your scalp

Let the solution stay on your scalp for about 5 minutes, so it may loosen the flakes through your fingers. Massage every other minute and have the active ingredient to work on your scalp. If you are going to rinse the solution fast, you are going to miss out the healing process.

Rinse thoroughly!

Now if your condition does not seem to change using a medicated shampoo through following the steps above, go back to your doctor for another treatment. Your doctor might suggest a steroid lotion that can clear up your flaky condition.

What about my Seborrheic dermatitis on my body, chest, and face?

This type of eczema is typically seen on the scalp, but it can also appear on your face, body, and chest. You may also have the eczema on the creases of your skin folds like on your nose area. There are also signs that are developing near your lips. For these areas, you can use a ointment or cream meant to clear up your flaky Seborrheic dermatitis.

However, there are also anti-itch and antifungal creams sold on pharmacies to lessen the symptoms. You can also check out with your doctor a corticosteroid cream or antifungal cream to be used for the large spots of this type of dermatitis which are oozing and crusty in appearance.

Understanding your skin condition will help you address it properly. Consult your doctor for the best remedy as treatment for Seborrheic dermatitis.

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