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Food Items to Avoid While Battling Eczema

Certain foods need to be avoided while you are battling eczema because they can trigger the skin condition further. While your genes can also become factor causing this skin condition to develop on you, what you what you eat matters as well. There are foods that can worsen your condition, so they have to be avoided while you are suffering from it.

If you want to decrease the effects of eczema on you, there are food items to avoid while battling eczema, so you have to change your dietary lifestyle in order to have a peaceful life without eczema.

In addition, you also have to modify your lifestyle altogether with your activities and feelings and add relaxation, contentment, exercise, and social satisfaction. to start with it, you must be able to recognize and learn about the food items to avoid while battling eczema to stay out from the symptoms of eczema on you.


They have phytic acids that hinder the absorption of important nutrients in your colon; therefore, you have to avoid tofu, soy milk, soy yogurt, soy flour, soy cheese, and other soy food products. On the other hand, tamari sauce, miso, and tempeh are not included in the list.

Artificial Sweeteners

Prevent the consumption of artificial sweeteners that have additives like amino acids, phenylalanine, aspartic acid, and methyl alcohol. The body cannot detoxify methanol (methyl alcohol).

Dairy Products

In addition to food items to avoid while battling eczema, you also have to avoid products such as cheese and milk from your food intake. There are sufferers from this disease that are usually prone to allergies when they consume foods from the cow’s milk because it also contains much acid which are not suitable for people with eczema. On the other hand, you can still live with cheese only if you will consume raw goat milk or cheese. In addition, you can also have milk from rice and nuts.

Hydrogenated Oil and Margarine

Another food items to avoid while battling eczema are oil and margarine because they have been known as plastic foods.

Other Foods

Apart from those mentioned above, you also have to avoid other foods such as alcohol, tea, coffee, preservatives, additives, artificial sweetener, food coloring, and synthetic supplements. Aside from them, you also have to prevent enriched flour in your diet.

Yeast-based Breads

Yeast also causes allergies because they ferment inside your body which is suitable for germs and bacteria to thrive into. Germs and fungus make alcohol out of bread, so instead of taking breads from yeast, you can have breads made from beans or the ones made of oats, flax, kamut, amaranth, and quinoa. Since these organisms are present in the intestine, you have to avoid the intake of yeast-based food in order to lessen the effects of eczema.

Although the list of food items to avoid while battling eczema is too long and may seem impossible for you to follow, you can motivate yourself by thinking about the benefits of staying away from the signs and symptoms of this disorder by modifying your diet.

If possible, keep a journal or log book, and make a list of food items to avoid while battling eczema. Observe your diet closely and write down your experience. Foods that cause your allergies must be avoided since it can prevent the signs of this disease from coming back.

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