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How to Control Eczema Itching?

Are you having problem with your eczema? Maybe you are worried about the itchiness and flare-ups that it causes. Maybe you are thinking of ways to control eczema itching. You are not alone because in America alone, there are over 15 million people who suffer from this condition.

If you have eczema, then you might also have rashes or flare-ups that cause bumps on your skin which sometimes also have blisters with liquid inside. For many, there are also some patches of pink that are found in their inner elbows and body trunk. This eczema is atopic in nature which is often seen with severe itchiness. It is a reminder that you are suffering from a skin condition which makes you pre-occupied with red rashes.

What happens with constant scratching?

When you are feeling itchy, there is natural impulse for you to scratch it, so you want to know how to control eczema itching. Since it makes your skin more inflamed and redder, there are more tendencies that you also develop bacterial infection and blisters.

For children, it is truly essential to find ways on how to control eczema itching because of their level of frustration and difficulty with the skin condition. As a parent, you might be bothered to see them constantly scratch their skin because it causes redness in their elbows and knees which are often seen with red marks.

Help yourself and children overcome the condition through these solutions:

Dab on skin moisturizer

Put on a skin moisturizer meant for sensitive skin while yours is still wet. However, you have to remember that you only need to put some solutions without comodegenic properties to avoid the complications and dryness brought about by the eczema. Also, you have to keep your kid from rubbing his skin with a towel or milufa to avoid itchiness caused by scrubbing.

Oatmeal bath

One of the ways to control eczema itching is through an oatmeal bath that will help relieve the redness and itchiness of the skin condition. It also helps skin recover from inflammation and rashes. However, never use too hot water when taking an oatmeal bath because hot temperature only triggers the condition. Make an oatmeal bath for you and your kid, and while doing so, have a god CD to listen with so you can have a soothing and relaxing experience.

Get supplements

Buy some supplements from the pharmacy because you might be lacking some of them since you avoid the intake of foods that cause your allergic reactions. There are supplements that are rich in nutrients such as coconut oil, vitamin C and E, Omega-3 fatty acids, and more. They help prevent the inflammation, redness, flaking, dryness, and scaling. It is also one of the ways on how to control eczema itching.

Take antihistamine

If your kid is showing annoyance due to constant itching, he may need to have a dose of antihistamine to alleviate the signs of itching. This is one of the ways to control eczema itching. It is important for you or your kid to have a good night sleep to better perform in the next day at work or at school. Your stress and tiredness from the past night may lead to poor performance the next day.

Since the immune system is essential for healing, taking an antihistamine will help in the condition. There are some tablets that can be taken at school or at work and they contain “no drowse” formulas. Take antihistamine at night to prevent tiredness and stress causes by eczema itching at night.

Follow these tips to control eczema itching. Save yourself and your kid from the debilitating effects of eczema. Live life the way you want it so keep eczema out of sight.

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