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Alternative Eczema Therapies

Eczema is a skin condition that keeps on coming back especially when triggers from the air, home, and environment cause allergic reaction on your body. This problem is often associated with dry, scaly, red, and leathery skin texture. In some cases, there is also some crusting or blistering that can be obvious.

If you suffer from this condition, you never have to worry anymore because we are going to discuss solutions here. We are going to focus on natural ways to alleviate the symptoms of eczema.


These are known as good bacteria found in or digestive tract. Most people believe that they suppress the growth of harmful bacteria, strengthen the digestive tract, and improve the function of the immune system.

There are certain studies that are suggesting that babies are more prone to developing this disorder because especially when they have more types of bacteria in their intestines than other infants. These alternative eczema therapies in the form probiotics are taken by pregnant mothers to decrease the risk of eczema on their baby.

Moreover, using probiotic supplements are also advised for babies with eczema. Some research also discovered that these bacteria reduce the signs of eczema in infants who are sensitized to allergens found in food.

However, you still have to consult your doctor before using any Alternative eczema therapies like probiotics supplements because those with immune deficiency should never take probiotics unless they are supervised by a doctor.

Topical Organic Creams for Alternative Eczema Therapy

Instead of buying chemical-based topical cream, there are Alternative eczema therapies found in the form of those with plant extracts like licorice, chamomile, or witch hazel are discovered to alleviate the signs of eczema. However, you still have to consult your doctor for this type of treatment. Some plants like chamomile are said to cause allergic reactions to patients with contact dermatitis.

Gamma-Linolenic Acid as Alternative Eczema Therapy

Some organic materials such as borage oil and evening primrose oil contain essential fatty acids called gamma-linolenic acid. It has been said that this can correct deficiencies in lipids. On the other hand, there are also some studies contradicting the findings and claim that GLAs do not help in eczema treatment.

Antihistamines for Eczema

Usually antihistamines are part of the regimen for eczema but they are only helpful if itchiness is associated with your condition, disturbing your sleep. Antihistamines can send you to sleep fast if it has hydroxyzine hydrochloride or diphenhydramine hydrochloride. Another option is through a cold compress that is also effective in helping you control itchiness.

Alternative Eczema Therapies

Wet dressings, oral steroids, UV light therapy, and specific medications are other forms of treatment for eczema.

Tips to remember on eczema:

Learn about the different ways on how to keep your eczema under control. There are many Alternative eczema therapies that you can try out for yourself to see which of them works well for you.

  1. Children may outgrow their condition when they get older.
  2. Eczema can run in the blood and is also associated with allergic rhinitis, hay fever, or asthma.
  3. Always apply moisturizers on your skin.
  4. Give your kid a 10-minute bath each day to help him moisturize his skin. After his bath, however, apply some moisturizer on his skin.
  5. Your eczema may worsen in the winter, so humidify your home and never take a bath very often.
  6. Buy a humidifier to keep your home air full of moisture.

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