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Know About Xerotic Eczema: Things You Should Learn

During the cold and dry winter months, some people are more likely to develop xerotic eczema which is also known as the winter’s itch. It is the type that is associated with itchy and dry skin that can also crack after some time. There are also breakouts that can be seen on people with this condition. They can encounter to have dry, itchy skin especially during the winter. Many of the patients develop their condition every year, more commonly as early as autumn.

What parts of the body are affected?

Patients suffer from winter itch through having dry and itchy breakouts on their legs, trunk, and arms. This is most likely to look as reddish skin with rashes. There are also scaly and blotchy patches that can be seen. Some people also develop cracks on their skin that sometimes bleeding may also occur due to continued scratching.

What are the reasons for xerotic eczema?

People are developing winter itch due to the partnership of dry and cold air with bathing too often. Water from bathing actually dries the skin unless you are going to apply moisturizer after every bath. When the skin is not moisturized, it tends to dry and become itchy especially in winter. People who bathe too often during winter actually get their skin dry due to the loss of natural oils in their body. This oil acts as moisturizer to keep the skin moist and supple.

In addition, indoor heating during winter is another culprit for this problem. When the air at home is dry and humid, you are more likely to develop xerotic eczema. You have to keep your air wet at home by buying a humidifier which helps a lot in keeping the moisture in the air.

How can xerotic eczema be prevented?

One of the best ways to avoid xerotic eczema is through minimizing your baths during winter to avoid your skin dryness and flakiness. Take a shower only once a day. In addition, you can also change the soap you are using because it may also be causing your condition to worsen. One of the drying soaps people often use is a deodorant soap that has a drying agent, so avoid it altogether. One of the best choices on soaps is Dove that has moisturizers on it.

Is there a complication associated with xerotic eczema?

Apart from the problems mentioned above, there are some complications that are associated with winter itch because your skin becomes more prone to infection like ringworms, bacterial infection shown as scaly rings with dry patches in the center.

Is there another cause for this skin problem?

There are people who suffer from this condition due to their use of detergents and fabric conditioners that are often containing harsh ingredients. Skin that is more likely to develop the condition is more susceptible to xerotic eczema when exposed to chemicals. Some experts also suggest that dryer sheets at home can also be the cause of the problem.

Is there an easy way to avoid xerotic eczema?

The quickest way to remedy this problem is to bathing once a day and making sure that your skin is always moisturized. You can also purchase a home humidifier to avoid air dryness. Do not overheat your place in winter. Drink more water to keep your skin hydrated.

These are some of the fastest ways to alleviate the symptoms of xerotic eczema. Try them and live an eczema-free life.

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