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Female Jock Itch - Causes, Photo, Picture, Symptoms and Treatment of Jock Itch

Other name - Athlete's Foot

The Jock itch, also known like cruris of tinea, is a fungic infection of the skin in the groin. The hot and moist environment is the perfect place to develops.

What is the cause of Jock Itch

A fungal infection caused by Trichophyton, the condition is called tinea cruris in the groin Uock itch), and tinea pedis on the feet.

It's usually picked from locker rooms and other damp areas, and it is extremely difficult to get rid of.

Solution and Treatment of Jock Itch

Usually both conditions are seen together because victims tend to cross contaminating themselves, so both have to be treated simultaneously with antifungal creams.

Don't quit using the cream when the itch stops; apply it for another 2 weeks after the last visible sign. There is a microscopic problem there that must be treated.

A dirty trick: Fungus will sometimes hide under your toenails. If that happens, dribble some regular-flavour Listerine mouthwash under each nail.

The potency is less than that of fungoid tincture the contains miconozole nitrate, but it works the same way and is certainly a great home remedy.

How to prevent the Jock Itch?

Remember, fungi are everywhere, not just on shower tiles but also in carpet. Wear sandals in any gym locker room and at pool sides. Rough surfaces can cause tiny skin breaks that let the fungi grab hold.

As for underwear, socks and other similar sweat collectors, consider making the switch to breathable, wicking fabrics.

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