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Pock Marks - Picture, Removal and Treatment of Acne Pock Marks

A pock-marked face is a curse. Make-up can hide these marks but cannot remove them. But there are some treatment too for the removal of pock marks.

Treatment to remove Pock Marks

There are two ways to remove them permanently:

i) Sand-paper surgery: This is generally done in foreign countries. It is not prevalent in India due to its exorbitant cost. The drawback is that the patient has to suffer a lot of pain due to numerous small operations on the skin, so these operations should be done by a specialist.

ii) Skin peeling: For skin peeling, many kinds of pastes are. applied on the patient's face. A layer of the skin gets peeled off after application of every paste and the skin gets spotless after repeating the process many times.

Smallpox spots get reduced with the advancement of age from childhood to adolescence with the growth of the body. Women should look after their skin, specially their face. At night, before sleeping, use deep-cleansing milk and apply a nourishing cream. Facials also reduce these spots.

Lanolin cream, which is available in the market, also helps in eliminating them.

Home remedies to get rid of Pock Marks

Soyabean paste fills the deep spots. Apply soyabean paste on the face, let it dry for fifteen to twenty minutes, then wash off with lukewarm water. This process must be repeated thrice a week.

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