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Tinea Capitis - Causes, Treatment, Picture and Symptoms of Tinea Capitis

Tinea Capitis is more frequent in boys than girls, because boys have shorter hair, visit barbers more often and play about with each other's caps.

The kerion variety is caused more often by trichophyton than by the microsporon of cats and dogs. Kerion is produced either by penetration of the mycelia into the dermis or virulent strains and/or due to sensitivity to the fungus.

In the beginning, there are small boil-like lesions with little oozing and no pus. Later red, painless, boggy swellings are produced. These, likewise, have no pus. These lesions are irregularly distributed on the scalp along with the areas of partial alopecia.

A grayish sheath is visible on the hair when the latter is pulled out of the kerion; this pulling out of the hair is easy because the hair is only loosely attached. It should be distinguished from folliculitis decalvans and pyoderma.

Specific fatty acids like undecylenic and propionic acid etc. (Rothman) are produced. These have definite fungicidal properties, with the result that fungi, particularly microsporum, cannot get a hold on the scalp.

Prognosis of Tinea Capitis

The prognosis is fair in good hands. There is usually no scarring except in the kerion variety. In resistant cases, course of ketoconazole is prescribed. It is a useful standby.

Treatment of Tinea Capitis

Treatment is continued till shining, smooth hair has regrown to the length of about 1/2" and the Wood's lamp shows no fluorescence.

The ointment usually prescribed is tolnaftate or miconazole.

In kerion, the hair is clipped short. To begin with, hot compresses of 1 in 2,000 liquor hydrarg perchloride, or Condy's lotion are used. When the acute inflammation subsides, miconazole cream is advised.



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Over washing is when you wash your hair more regularly than necessary. This varies for different individuals. For some people, shampooing hair everyday is over washing, for other people shampooing twice a day, or even every other day, can have the same effect.


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